What is the Simple Tax?


Phase 1: Over 4 years, The Simple Tax transitions Federal Corporate Income Taxes to 0% and Personal Income Taxes to a 10% Flat Tax.

Phase 2: After the 5th year, which allows time to phase out all tax exemptions, exclusions and deductions by 20% each year, and upon repeal of the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution....

...The Simple Tax converts the Personal Income Tax to a 9% Retail Sales Tax on all goods and services - a true consumption tax.


....of the United States of America, have allowed our U.S. Tax Code to become a huge burden on our Nation. Through decades of political cunning and deception, and our own neglect and ignorance, our current Tax Code:

  • Adds 20-30% of cost to every product or service because of compliance;
  • Favors Special Interest Groups, including illegal aliens and foreign governments;
  • Allows politicians and lobbyist (and not the free market) to choose winners and losers;
  • Especially hurts small businesses by imposing oppressive regulations;
  • Discourages large businesses with the near-highest global tax rates;
  • Promotes class warfare and social engineering;
  • Gives unintended powers to Washington Politicians;
  • Can be used by corrupt officials as a weapon against The People.


Because of global competition, reckless government spending, and a lack of political leadership, the United States is facing a crucial turning point:


  1. Will the United States experience the same plight of ancient civilizations like Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylonia and others and become merely another amazing chapter in history?
  2. Or will we continue what our Founding Father's created and remain the greatest Nation in all of history?


Now is the time for the current U.S. Tax Code to be transitioned into a better solution....

There are other solutions being considered including the FairTax and a Flat Tax. Both of these proposals have merit and both are moving in the right direction, however, each also have elements that prevent the majority of voters from supporting them. Simplicity is the key to fairness and prosperity.

With that in mind, the Simple Tax brings together the best ideas of the FairTax and the Flat Tax, along with a realistic implementation strategy.  As a group U.S. Citizens and Patriots, who wish nothing more but to see the United States again become the Global Leader of freedom and prosperity, it is our honor and privilege to introduce,

The Simple Tax Transitioning to the Simple Tax

Phase 1)

The Simple Tax eliminates all Federal corporate income tax by transitioning to a 10% flat rate personal income tax over a 4 year period.

Phase 2)

After at least 5 years (phasing out all tax exemptions and deductions by 20% each year), upon the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Simple Tax converts the 10% Personal Income Tax to a 9% flat-rate retail sales tax on all goods and services. This would be a true consumption tax.


Phase 2 also authorizes the adoption of the 28th Amendment to the Constitution which creates a flat-rate retail consumption tax and explicitly says that the consumption tax rate will always be the same for all people, products, and services.


With the Simple Tax...

  • When fully implemented over 5 years, there is no income tax on individual or corporate earnings, and everyone who makes a retail purchase in the United States pays the Simple Tax.
  • Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax continues to be withheld from personal earnings just as it is today.


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